Before After
  • Cosmetic bonding using composite resin to close space, make teeth more proportional in width and eliminate pointy look of canine tooth 
  • Replacement of two old crowns and two new crowns for cosmetic improvement to four front teeth 
  • Internal bleaching of darkened front tooth with prior root canal, and bonding of chipped corner 
  • Cosmetic bonding to the sides of two font teeth to make them a little bit wider and more naturally shaped, and porcelain veneers over the two small, pointy lateral incisors 
  • Repair of fractured front tooth in young boy by successful reattachment of tooth fragment using composite resin 
  • Direct composite resin veneering over front eight teeth to cover over discolored enamel of teeth and create beautiful smile 
  • Patient lost right front tooth due to extensive injury from bicycle accident, and adjacent teeth had fractured corners - tooth was replaced with implant and crown, and corners of teeth with composite resin 
  • Replacement of old and discolored crowns on right incisors, and one crown on left second incisor. Also, right front tooth had old filling on side of tooth replaced, and same tooth was made narrower to create space for more balanced size of adjacent crown 
  • Porcelain veneers on front four teeth to improve color, close gap, and create more attractive smile line along edges of teeth